Film Photography: Trend or Timeless?

I’ve always been interested in photography. However, while my other friends were taking photography classes in High School, I was doing college courses. I didn’t have a need for a “fine arts” credit, so I never got around to it. I was pretty much always on a strict schedule of overachievement so that when theContinue reading “Film Photography: Trend or Timeless?”

Some Thoughts on Politics

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS AN OPINION PIECE, DO NOT TAKE MY OPINIONS THAT I HAVE FORMED AS FACT. GO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. I don’t particularly like arguing about politics. I grew up in a very conservative household. Kind of. My mother was a die hard republican, my father refused to affiliate, but always voted republican.Continue reading “Some Thoughts on Politics”

Improving Transportation: Vineyard, UT

Improving Transportation: Vineyard, Utah Courtney Evans, Kailey Neafus, Shayne Tillman Utah Valley University Introduction Vineyard, UT is a rapidly growing residential city that began its major growth in 2015. While the city is constantly developing, the overall demographics, and their governmental makeup of a mayor-council structure have remained largely unchanged. The newly established city doesContinue reading “Improving Transportation: Vineyard, UT”