Film Photography: Trend or Timeless?

I’ve always been interested in photography. However, while my other friends were taking photography classes in High School, I was doing college courses. I didn’t have a need for a “fine arts” credit, so I never got around to it. I was pretty much always on a strict schedule of overachievement so that when theContinue reading “Film Photography: Trend or Timeless?”

Some Thoughts on Politics

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS AN OPINION PIECE, DO NOT TAKE MY OPINIONS THAT I HAVE FORMED AS FACT. GO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. I don’t particularly like arguing about politics. I grew up in a very conservative household. Kind of. My mother was a die hard republican, my father refused to affiliate, but always voted republican.Continue reading “Some Thoughts on Politics”

Improving Transportation: Vineyard, UT

Improving Transportation: Vineyard, Utah Courtney Evans, Kailey Neafus, Shayne Tillman Utah Valley University Introduction Vineyard, UT is a rapidly growing residential city that began its major growth in 2015. While the city is constantly developing, the overall demographics, and their governmental makeup of a mayor-council structure have remained largely unchanged. The newly established city doesContinue reading “Improving Transportation: Vineyard, UT”

Combating Homelessness in Metro California

Introduction  Homelessness affects countless individuals and families with growing numbers. While homeless people are generally seen as drug addicts or physically handicapped persons, the term applies to a much larger group. A small family who has fallen on hard times and must forfeit their current housing and live with relatives is considered homeless. People whoContinue reading “Combating Homelessness in Metro California”

The Disappearance of Botany Degrees

Only roughly 20% of the plants in the world have been identified. Many plants are used as a food source, some of them are used in medicine, but all of them contribute to a healthy ecosystem and the literal air we breathe. This isn’t just an American problem, but an international one4. Botany is anContinue reading “The Disappearance of Botany Degrees”

Preparing for the Worst

As we wrap up National Preparedness Month, we’ll go over some simple steps to making sure you stay alive out there. Emergency preparedness doesn’t need to be expensive. There are many companies out there that charge you an arm and a leg for a 72 hour kit. Have you ever tried purchasing one of thoseContinue reading “Preparing for the Worst”