Some Thoughts on Politics


I don’t particularly like arguing about politics. I grew up in a very conservative household. Kind of. My mother was a die hard republican, my father refused to affiliate, but always voted republican. When it came to environmental issues, my parents didn’t believe in climate change, yet hated people who trashed the outdoors. They were semi-tree huggers who didn’t want to admit it. I myself had aligned with my parents’ views initially, until about age 15.

I have refused to align with either party, and honestly, my voting patterns cross lines frequently. I do not believe in a two party system, and believe that representatives look to keep themselves in office more than represent their constituents. I make my decisions on who I will vote for after looking at their policy history, current policy opinions, and who they are as a person. Basically, I try to find as many facts about each candidate as possible before voting. Because of this, I constantly get ridiculed by one side more than the other. I have friends and family who are die-hard republicans, and other friends who are blue-blooded democrats. However, only one side constantly tries to tell me I am in the wrong and the country will go to hell if a democrat takes office again. I have even been told by members of my church that I can’t be a real member if I am a democrat. Now, I’m not a democrat, I am unaffiliated, but I refuse to vote straight ticket.

Prior to the 2016 election, I did not like any of the candidates. I couldn’t stand Donald Trump, never have liked the Clintons and Hillary just wasn’t taking stands on issues. I ended up voting for Gary Johnson, a third party candidate who I knew had no shot of winning, but I felt he was a better option than the others.

When Donald Trump won the election, I couldn’t believe it. Here we had a candidate who was very belligerent, openly mocked reporters, spread nothing but divisiveness, and didn’t have any real answers to issues. I kept thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, I mean, first term presidents rarely introduce radical change.

Over the last four years, I have stood by, watching the news, reading the facts, ignoring opinion pieces, and making my own decisions. I feel that I am a pretty rational person and am good at seeing both sides and making a decision. I’m not perfect, I do have strong opinions about certain policies. However, I have watched this country become more and more divided as Trump’s presidency has progressed.

Trump went to work trying to dismantle everything Obama put in place. Immediately removed Bears Ears as a national monument, tried to get rid of Obamacare (with which I mostly didn’t agree, not that it wasn’t a good idea, just that it was a very flawed piece of legislation), and promised to build a wall one way or the other. He ridiculed the media constantly, branded everything he didn’t agree with as fake news, and set about to divide the country even more by labeling Democrats as “Do Nothing Dems”. As president, he should’ve been seeking to unite the country, not divide it.

He has continued to have a high turnover in his cabinet, firing anyone who didn’t agree with him implicitly, and had plenty of people resigning because of the pressure from the Oval Office. He gave tax cuts to everyone, which should’ve helped the average American out, but in reality, only benefitted the rich and the upper middle class. I got less back in my tax refund than the previous year. He has remained one of the most polarizing presidents, attracting closet racists and nationalists to his ranks. I would think he would condemn racism, instead he pretends it doesn’t exist. He continues to make claims of grandeur, that his office has done so much for this country, but I have yet to see a leader for the people. He is a leader for certain groups of people.

Congress and Senate republicans do not stand for what their party stands for, they wait for Trump to state what he wants done. They have successfully stacked the federal courts with Trump approved justices, something which FDR attempted to do years ago. I honestly cannot stand the fanboy/girl ism of our republican representatives. Mitch McConnell refuses to do anything without Trump telling him what to do. The executive branch has attained too much power. Obama started issuing executive orders to get around passing bills in a republican controlled congress/senate, and Trump has continued to exercise that power, and abusing it by declaring a state of emergency in order to build a wall? In what world do we live in that walling off our country to stop immigration is an emergency? Did we turn back time to east and west Germany?

Instead of having an actual immigration policy, Trump has resorted to keeping children in cages, attempting to remove DACA protections, and building a wall. His own wife is an immigrant. Immigration reform needs to happen. Have you talked to someone who is attempting to become a citizen the correct way? An old co-worker of mine came to the US on a work visa. He fell in love with the United States, but could not leave the company that severely underpaid him because they owned his visa. He then attempted to obtain his own visa to live here. Three years of work and thousands of dollars later, he was still denied. So he did what a lot of people who come here on visas do. He dated until he found someone he loved, and got married. Because he was married, he could now get a visa and work towards a green card. He was able to leave the company we both worked for, and is now living a happier life. Immigrating here is a pain in the ass, and costs thousands of dollars. Immigrants supply a lot of our workforce.

Now let us move on to something a little more disturbing. Trade Wars. Basically went like this: “China, I have beef with you, you should do this”, and then China said “Screw that”, and then Trump said “that’s not nice, we’re the greatest nation in the world, I’m going to have everyone boycott your products and tax your imports”, and China replied by saying “Ok, Bet”. And then our farmers were screwed out of millions. What level of pettiness is this? International negotiations are very sensitive, they are not a standard hostile takeover business negotiations. Instead, we ended up hurting our own economy.

Coronavirus. It showed such a lack of leadership that it just solidified my decision to vote for someone else this election cycle. I was already refusing to vote for Trump for obvious reasons. The downplay, the false information, the pushing of unproven drugs, the overall lack of care for real medical evidence, showed Trump’s intense lack of leadership.

Now, my final point. Trump now wants to discredit mail in voting and push back the general election. The only reason he has for this is fear. He knows he is falling behind in the polls, so he wants to buy time to try and strengthen his voting base. This is the only reason I can see for his push to postpone the election.

If I could describe the Trump administration in one word, it would be Erratic.

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I have ADHD and Anxiety, the perfect match made in heaven. I am a proud father and husband. I work too much, travel too little, but try to backpack and hike as much as possible. I do a lot of research and have too many thoughts in my mind.

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